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The Dutch pavilion at World Expo 2015 selected Mini Pancakes as mini pancakes supplier. The world exhibition in Milan, which opens on May 1st, has food as central theme. Our classic Dutch mini pancakes with a modern twist fit well in this concept. Our mini pancakes prove to be very popular everywhere, to the extent we recently opened a permanent shop in Dubai.  

Tomek Aalders, CEO of Mini Pancakes: ‘Holland is the second largest food exporter in the world. Since the 17th century mini pancakes are a beloved staple in Dutch food culture. For us it’s an honour to bake mini pancakes exclusively at the Dutch pavilion of World Expo 2015. We give them a modern twist by adding toppings ranging from white chocolate and Nutella to cheesespread. With us, mini pancakes are not old fashioned, but tasty and fun. This modern approach proves popular everywhere, especially in the Gulf.’


Because of our activities in Holland, Germany, the United Kingdom, Italy, Kuwait and the United Arab Emirates, Mini Pancakes is market leader in the distribution of freshly baked mini pancakes. For the second consecutive year we are present at Global Village, the annual festival in Dubai that attracts over 5 million visitors. Last year, Mini Pancakes received the Best Retail Award of Global Village from the hands of the youngest son of the Emir of Dubai, sheikh Mansoor bin Mohammed bin Rashid al Maktoum. With the recent opening of a shop, our mini pancakes all available in Dubai throughout the year.

Modern twist

The classical way of eating mini pancakes is with a bit of butter and powdered sugar. For us, this is only one of many options. Toppings like white chocolate, Nutella, syrups, jam, lime and even cheese spread offer a whole new approach to this Dutch classic. Tomek Aalders: ‘We work in the best Dutch tradition: we take Dutch culinary heritage, use the best Dutch ingredients and present them in an innovative way to an international audience. So yes, we do feel at home at the Dutch pavilion at World Expo 2015.’