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Cargo Bike

Our colorful branded cargo bikes can be easily moved from one place to the next and take up little space. The first portions of piping hot mini pancakes with delicious toppings are served out in no time.

Set-up time: 30 minutes
Portions per hours: 200
Dimensions (l x w): 3 x 2 meter

Poffertjeskraam huren - bakfiets
Poffertjeskraam huren - foodtruck

Food truck

Our pride and joy, made for EXPO2015 in Milan, is perfect for weddings, jubilees, themed parties and festivals. We roll in this baby and within 10 minutes we are ready to serve you up to 600 portions per hour!

Set-up time: 30 minutes
Portions per hours: 500
Dimensions (l x w): 6 x 3 meter

Wooden chalet

For outdoor events running over 1 month we build custom-made wooden chalets that are tested and proven. We can decorate the chalets in the style of your event. We use chalets like these at word class events such as Global Village in Dubai, Edinburgh’s Christmas and Hyde Park Winter Wonderland.

Set up time: 2 days
Portions per hours: 600
Dimensions (l x w): 6 x 3 meter

Poffertjes chalet winterse sfeer
Poffertjeskraam huren - tent


For events lasting more than 1 day we set up a tent with more capacity than our parasol. With up to 500 portions per hour capacity, this option is ideal for events with large numbers of visitors, for example the annual food festival Gusti di Frontiera in Gorizia, Italy.

Set-up time: 2 hours
Portions per hours: 600
Dimensions (l x w): 6 x 3 meter


Whether you would like to serve mini pancakes to your guests for only a few hours, or an entire day, our parasol brings fun and joy to your event. The nicest thing: you only have to book us, we will do the rest, and leave everything spotless at the end.

Set-up time: 30 minutes
Portions per hours: 300
Dimensions (l x w): 4 x 3 meter

poffertjes tent illustratie

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Are you interested in our company and our services? Would you like us to bake mini pancakes at your event? Drop us a line, and we’ll get in touch with you soon.

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