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Currently we’re selling our Mini Pfannkuchen on a tour through Germany, joining street food festivals and private events.

Each weekend we are in a different city in Germany, and sometimes in Austria as well, selling our Mini Pfannkuchen. We join street food festivals, but recently we were also present at the Berlin Grill & BBQ Festival and at an equestrian event in Austria. Germans are enthousiastic about our mini pancakes and enjoy the different toppings we offer there: Nutella, white chocolate, Lotus, Bounty and Mars sauces, syrup, apple sauce, cinnamon, butter and powdered sugar.

Mini Pfannkuchen: the traditional delicacy from Holland

‘Das traditionelle Vergnügen aus Holland! Frisch gemachte Mini-Pfannkuchen (Poffertjes) sind eine einmalig niederländische Delikatesse’, is how the street food events promote our mini pancakes: the traditional delicacy from Holland. Germany has a culture in which sweet bakery products have been a staple for centuries. Our mini pancakes fit in really with their culture, and we encounter a lot of appreciation for our product. During street food events mini pancakes are the ideal way to finish a gourmet experience.

In april 2017 our Mini Pfannkuchen were shown on German television. The Michelin star chef Björn Freitag visited our food truck in the Netherlands with his crew for his culinary tv show Der Vorkoster, to discover the secret of mini pancakes. The programme was dedicated to pancakes and waffles; who knows we inspired him for his restaurant Goldene Anker or for one of his many cook books.

We are also available for event catering in Germany, whether it is for a company or a private event: we offer the same service as in the Netherlands, with a special focus on the West of the country.

For more information on our catering service for your private or company event, check our booking page.