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Mini Pancakes’s tour of Italy ended in November. As in previous years we participated, under the name Mini Crepes Olandesi, in the European Markets of Fiva Confcommercio that are held all over the country.

The Italians love our mini pancakes. In September 2013, a local newspaper in Rovigo headlined: ‘Everybody is crazy for mini pancakes’. It concluded we are the symbol of the market for the local youth, which was the case this year again.

Expo Milan
A special highlight in this year’s Italian tour was our presence at Expo Gate in Milan last May (picture). This event at Piazza Castello is organized in preparation for the World EXPO 2015.

At the end of September Mini Pancakes was also present at the food festival Gusti di Frontiera in Gorizia, and the chocolate festival Art e Ciocc in, amongst other places, Aosta and Ravenna end of October, beginning of November.