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How to recognise Mini Pancakes in Dubai

By 26/03/2018October 27th, 2022No Comments

Mini pancakes have become popular in the Dubai and you can eat them at many places in. So we often get the question: where can we find you? And how do I know it is you, and not another company? We do have quite a lot of locations in Dubai, and recognising us is very simple.

We have been active in the country since 2013, when we started participating in Global Village, which earned us their Best Retail Award in 2014. One of the reasons of our continued success is the constant high quality of our product. With us you will never eat undercooked mini pancakes, which unfortunately is still a reality. Hygiene is another cornerstone of how we work, so we are very proud of having received one of the highest hygiene evaluations by Royal Parks in London.

Mini Pancakes in Dubai

The other reason is that we invest in our unique brand identity, which makes it really easy to recognize us. Over the past years we developed our unique and copyrighted mascot Pofman, named after the Dutch word for mini pancakes ‘poffertjes’, and by now he has a whole family and friends. You will find Pofman at each of our cargo bikes, tents and food trucks. If you don’t see him, it is not Mini Pancakes. With your portion of mini pancakes you will always receive an orange napkin, a wooden pick with our name on it and another one with a flag on it, varying from the Netherlands’ banner to the United Arab Emirates. This combination is your guarantee for top quality, hygienically prepared mini pancakes.


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