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One of the exciting food concepts in Dubai is Last Exit: highway-parking areas turned into gourmet street food parks, each with a different concept. Mini Pancakes is present at 3 of them.

‘Last Exit is a first-of-its-kind themed food truck concept offering a selection of fresh and tasty gourmet street food in a fun, chilled and convenient atmosphere. Each location has its own unique theme and entertainment for all ages to explore and discover’, states Last Exit’s website. Especially MadX is fun because its theme is based on the post-apocalyptic film and cult classic Mad Max.

Tomek Aalders, Mini Pancakes’ CEO: ‘We’ve put a lot of creativity and effort into designing our MadX cargo bike, naturally with new artwork from our creative department, because we like to pair our quality with that of the host. Last Exit is the ultimate concept for foodies, you don’t stop there to stretch your legs, but to enjoy good food. The E11 location has an American theme, while Al Khawaneej is more aimed at locals.’

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