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Festivals in Italy: Gusti di Frontiera and Fiera dei Rioni

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From September 21 to 24, food from 44 countries is served in the North Italian city of Gorizia. The 14th edition of the festival Gusti di Frontiera is organized by the City of Gorizia with support from the Region and Chamber of Commerce Friuli-Venezia Giulia and the Fondazione Carigo. Mini Pancakes is in Via Oberdan, Borgo Europa.

Tomek Aalders, CEO of Mini Pancakes: ‘The food at Gusti is of high quality and incredibly varied, which makes the event a success year in, year out. The whole city will burst with flavours, smells and colours, concerts and other entertainment. We’ve had long lines of customers at our stand ever since we first joined Gusti 5 years ago. We consider the Italians’ fondness of our ‘mini crêpes’ as a huge compliment, since especially they know how to appreciate great food.’

Local newspaper Il Piccolo put us in 3rd rank out of all food offered: ‘mini pancakes are also ideal for those who like to enjoy sweetness while strolling.’

Fiera dei Rioni
From September 3 to 10 we joined Fiera dei Rioni in the South Italian city of Massafra, close to Brindisi and Bari.

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