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World Expo Milan is in full swing and the Dutch pavilion is one of the stars of this global show. According to the media and visitors it is in the top 3 of most appreciated exhibitors. Over 10.000 visitors per day enjoy the Dutch pavilion that is set up as a festival terrain, and our colourful food truck is positioned right at the entrance.

Mini Pancakes CEO Tomek Aalders: ‘World Expo Milan is a wonderful event. The atmosphere is great and it is very satisfying to introduce so many people from all over the globe to mini pancakes and to see them enjoy this thoroughly Dutch delicacy. After centuries of popularity in Holland, mini pancakes are gaining relevance on the international food stage. World Expo is proof of that.’


Former Dutch Prime Minister enjoys mini pancakes.

Former Dutch Prime Minister enjoys our mini pancakes.

Prime ministerial visit
From 2002 to 2010 Jan Peter Balkenende was Prime Minister of the Netherlands. Now, he works hard to get Holland to host the 2025 World Expo in Rotterdam. When he visited Expo Milan last May, we offered him our mini pancakes with Nutella on top. From the Dutch perspective this is unconventional, in Holland butter and powdered sugar are still the norm in toppings. Mr. Balkenende praised the taste of our mini pancakes and our innovative approach to the product, which is quite nice to hear from someone who served the country for such a long time.


Fingerlicking reviews

According to Momondo, the Dutch pavilion is different from the others: it expresses zest for life, is lush with green and always full with young people. Others even compare it with Woodstock! Foreign exchange student Meredith Wadsworth wrote: ‘Holland was ALL food. Mini pancakes dipped in Nutella? I’ll take six, please and thank you.’

Food blog Scatti di Gusto wrote: ‘Where there is a queue, you can be sure to eat well’, it is said and these mini pancakes do look inviting. I join the queue, pay my €5 and with a small fork I eat my 8 (maybe more) mini pancakes with Nutella on top, because one of the mantra’s of street food is: ‘If it is not a bit fat, it doesn’t please.’ The live show-cooking of the Dutchman moved me profoundly. And so I leave this pavilion with satisfaction as well.’ And that leaves us satisfied too…