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Global Village – Dubai’s first and largest multi-cultural festival park with over 5 million visitors – celebrates its 22nd season with the theme Come Experience the World. Mini Pancakes joins the adventure for the 5th consecutive season, with a completely updated look and menu.

Until April 7, Global Village hosts a vast array of super-sized cultural and entertainment events and presents cultures of more than 75 countries through 27 new pavilions, for example Bosnia, Bangladesh and Oman. Each pavilion showcases the country or region’s signature monuments and landmarks with distinctive facades and its authentic products and crafts, heritage corners and cultural performances in its popular bazaars.

Raising the bar
Mini Pancakes CEO Tomek Aalders: ‘This is our 5th season at Global Village, and each year – like the organization – we aim to raise the bar. We completely updated the look of our kiosks: from wooden chalets to fresh backlit designs in blue inspired by the landscape in the Netherlands. Our kiosks are at 3 locations in the park, 1 of them is close to the entertainment stage, which works wonderfully. We can be found in front of the pavilions of the Americas and Yemen and in Food Street. Menu wise we introduced Lotus, which proves to be popular. In general we notice mini pancakes have become a mainstay in the UAE’s food scene, while customers pick and blend from our toppings more and more.’

Global Village poffertjes 2